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Escape Reality (Custard)

Tell me why We don't feel the same Tell me who Who is the one to blame Tell me when We have lost the way Just tell me something We shan't live on to feign Sometimes it's easy Easy to break up Often found the right point The right point to give up The time is right to unchain my soul My heart is crying out Is this the end we're heading for Let's stop this game we played too long Stand on the edge of broken dreams Need wings to escape reality With a heart of ice I can't go on Deep in my mind I feel so cold and alone New horizons Is what I'm looking for They're calling - can't you hear Unable to conceal anymore Review the past we had Ain't it worth the trial I lost my strength Now it's your turn - it's your time A long way to go A massive rock to clear away Get me back From the horizons I might reach someday