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Fade Out (Custard)

Crawling on the floor Seen it all before Like an old time movie they transmit once more Again it was me Who lost reality Suppose you think that I'm a nut and I surrender to you I know I made mistakes Mr. Perfect is someone else It makes me sick to hear the story again and again My destiny's not in your hands It breaks my spine before I bow I'm not your property - my dignity's too strong Something buried deep inside Hard as granite, cold as ice No way to break it in my endless despite It was you who darkened my light But I knew I'll never surrender It might be true that something in me died It's irretrievable and lost forever You tried to bend me Tried to humble me Stick your education where the sun never shines I think I'm old enough Now take your hands off me Go looking for another dog you can take for a walk Didn't you yet realize That you're standing all alone Your friends are fakes because they know that you're bad to the bone Okay, just go ahead But call a spade a spade I guess I never met someone who was as selfish as you I know you need somebody who cares about the words that you say I know it's hard to find a man like me who follows your way A million times you'll eat the dust before you learn that your pressure Causes counter - pressure