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Chance (Custard)

The first years of your life When you discovered the world So beautiful and colourful So exciting was your life You grow older and older I wish you never will forget That you're brother and sister And this love may last forever In some parts of our world Kids are little weapons in disguise Abused for religious delusion So many lost their life It's a shame for me when I can see The world I offer you The seed of hope deep in your hearts May grow and thrive so well A Chance for our children They are the ones who can make our world a better place A Chance for our children Their little hearts are so dear, so pure and innocent A Chance for our children They are our voice and our soul and hope of tomorrow A Chance for our children Without our kids we know our time is running out No love is as true as the love of a child It's so important to keep this love alive (repeat) I know you can't change the world But I hope for a sign You are the reason why I'm here Don't let it be in vain And when I'm dead and gone Remember my words My only inheritance Will live on in you Still there is a ray of light As long as we believe in you It won't be an endless night I'm sure we gonna see it through