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Imprisoned (Custard)

I´m staring at a wall, which can´t be broken Sweat and blood an dying flesh, under these chains I can´t remember the reason why I´m here I can´t remember my own face at all I came from far away, where are my friends now? Smell the stench of their remains, pumped up with lead. I can´t remember my mothers´voice so I can´t fall asleep I can´t remember my own voice at all I´m a prisoner of war, haven´t seen the sun for years Never felt like this before much too proud for silent tears What about my home, am I a forgotten man? This is what I can´t deny, I´m locked up in a cage of pain Words of deliverance are words unspoken My skin is hot, my throat is dry. When will it out? I can´t remember... I´m a prisoner...