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Inner Void (Custard)

I still remember the first time I saw you I stood on the edge of my world It was a time in my life When my heart wasn't right Had to change some things in my mind I felt frustrated searched fun in my free time A time in my life that I missed Worked from breaking of day 'Till the day slipped away Couldn't be the meaning of life I don't know the place where I belong I don't know the way to carry on I have to break these chains And I have to make a change Before it is too late and I break away I went on the hunt to fulfil my own wishes You seemed the right person to be So we fell in love Ignored the situation Blinded we walked that thin line The troubles grew more and more we didn't realize Anything our friends said We went our way Although I decayed Time was just sand in my hands My fatality Will be the way that I'm living Incapacity For getting rid of my lies So it's my destiny To live with the hole in me I'm feeling so deep inside (repeat) As the smoke went down around me I could see it clear Never even realized my end was almost near To live a lie As painful as can be The man in the mirror - he laughs at me