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Lost Forever (Custard)

Sit all alone here in the middle of my room I count the last days that I have before my doom When will it be over ? When will he appear ? It started two weeks ago when I felt really down I saw no light ahead I tried to leave somehow Find no way out My heart's beating very fast Get me out of here I want you to Take my life That I can leave it all behind Accidental death Will blow my life away I'm so scared That my time to die has come I'm so scared I see your shadows all around The new love I found makes me see the light again But I paid the bill of death no way to escape my fate Where are you ? Can't you hear me calling ? Just like a rat I hide in holes beneath the rubbish Give me a chance to enjoy my life again It drives me mad I'm on the way to lose control I'll lose the best I've ever had I'm begging you Save my soul Keep your taxes that I paid Keep me alive I know you're somewhere out there Finally I swear - if I'll survive this nightmare That I'd never run away the problems I might have