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Ringo (i Feel Like) (Custard)

I feel like Ringo And it's rippin' my eyes out And I feel like Ringo Shimmy to the left Shimmy to the right I've made up a list, That lives in my mind, Of everyone helpful and everyone kind These Fender guitars they tune up so nice, And Greg says that "Amps are not a problem" He lives in a disco, But goes home to the suburbs Where it's simply WORK, GIRLS, DRUGS and BOYS Shimmy to the left And shimmy to the right I refer to this list, This list in my mind, Of everyone naughty, fucked up and unkind Forget about rock stars, Forget about mic's, No W-bins, no W-bins, no W-bins Now listen kids I know as well as anyone That sometimes things can get weird Things can get bad But there's one thing Just one thing we all can do Sing it to me kids R.I.N.G.O. That's right R.I.N.G.O. Uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh Here it is, here it is And go Ooowwwww, uh Oh yeah