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Sunrise (Custard)

Here we are living in this glorious time Go on celebrating and show 'em your pride Look what we've done look what we've reached Oh I think no one can see And what we all do for our luxury Raping the forests and poison the seas I think there' s nothing we wouldn't do If the result may be good But in the end of all Mother Nature's standing tall From a distance it looks still all right Just when you get too close You can see the overdose And as well the marks we left behind We all have our wishes, we all have our dreams We don't see the signs, don't know what they mean We close our eyes and live further on As the world owns us alone And so the resources are not rare enough At war they throw bombs on the oil-springs, oh god Is this the end, we're heading for In anger and fear all alone horus As long the world's turning, the sun keeps on burning The greed in our hearts will keep us apart The Chance of tomorrow is my greatest sorrow So come on, unite and let the sun rise again What is our aim, we're heading for What is our aim, we're heading for Don't lose the illusion of changing the way Fight the insanity stands in our way Don't follow the mainstream - resist as you can In future they may understand How long can we live in those glorious times No one can say when we'll cross the line Of no return from our point of view And the sun hit the sea the last time