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The Sea (Custard)

Giving life and taking life Right hand of mother nature. Bright as the sun, dark as the night. You will drown and none can help you. A loving mother - a merciless killer The sea shows you the last contrast. Find your dreams - meet your grave digger. Watch out! Will you live or rest? It´s your best friend in life It´s your worst enemy It will judge about your fate. It´s a nice place, indeed, but one day you will find the answer why you hate - the sea. Don´t trust the beautiful scene in the moonlight, never forget all the danger hidden in the sea It offers food, it´s your employer, millions can´t exist without it. We surf on it. It´s so damned good. I´m sure there is no about it. But it´s also an obidient slave of death. See the dying man on his last quest. Feel his cold and deadly breath No chance to get his life back. The lord of tides is dying now. Pollution wins the fight Sick mankind survives somehow But can we pay the price. We kill the source of life we need One way street until the end. Human beings have to bleed. This is my revenge.