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Up to the Sky (Custard)

500 hundred years of slavery no will to fight against the lord of damnation and misery we know our hope is lost. I always tried to live my dreams But every time I failed Hidden from the sunlight In the dungeons of disease. And I scream for independence Let´s stand up for independence now. I don´t know how we can escape But someday we´ll be free We´ll pray to the sunlight "shine for us eternally!" Beyond the waterfalls of doom We´ll march to peaceful shores And we will proudly cross The forest of belief. I can feel my independence grow Listen to the independence song. Why don´t you take my hand I lead you to the land Where birds silently whisper your name. Why don´t you take my hand I will show you the land Where the drangons will carry your dreams Up to the sky. Hunted by the legions of the storm We seek our destination All of us know the way To freedom is hard to find. Only the gods can make us strong The golden majesty Will lead us on this way To find our destiny.