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Closer (Floetry)

Floetic, Floacism, Flo'Ology It's Floetry, and Whyteleaf We're moving closer Just a little bit Little bit, Little bit, Little bit, Can I get a little bit closer? I want to get Closer Yeah, oh yeah (So near) Yet you're so far away (I can't) Tell you enough how much boy (I want) To love you baby (I want) To know you baby (You hear) Hear me talkin' to ya baby (Don't wanna) Fight the feeling that I'm feeling (Give me) A chance to get Just a little bit closer (Oh yeah) Amazing I rise this occasion is life And I'm debating If I wanna be your girl or your wife I'm understanding how your landings got me feeling a vibe You're in my lungs, I'm feeling strung So now I'm chasing a high You're in my system I'm in your wisdom I am your partner You are the father You're the beginning And I'm the after I hear the universe Pulling us closer Just a little bit (Right there) Said it's easy baby (Okay) Just free me baby (You hold) A special something over me (Oh yeah) And I like that baby (Oh yeah) Said you got me baby (So good) Don't stop it baby (You're givin) Us the chance to get A little bit closer (Oh yeah) So familiar The situations linear It's obvious I'm into ya, I know you know I'm into ya I know you know I'm what you were Just never ever looking for I'm what you call impossible Or you could say a miracle I'm in your system You're in my wisdom You are my partner I am the mother I'm the beginning And you're the after You hear the universe Pulling us closer Just a little bit So good it feels How good it feels So good it feels So real to me