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I'll Die (Floetry)

We are who we choose to be. I’m responsible for me. If I stay right here, I’ll die inside. Ran out of tears, I can barely get by. It’s fair to say, That we tried. You know I wanna stay, If I do, I’ll die. Coulda been another one of those, Coulda made it, Shoulda made it, Woulda made it, Had I gave it, Just a little bit more of my time. Just a little focus, Coulda broke this, Woulda woke this, Shoulda choked this, Had I chose bliss I’dve left this infatuation, Far behind, I’ll exchange my mind, No more wasting time, This process is mine, In Your eyes, My reflection is blind, In your arms I decide, This is our last night, Goodbye. (Goodbye) I have to leave you. (Goodbye) I have to be true. (So long for you and I.) Been a addicted, To the burden of the gifted, To the sermon of the shifted, Always praying to be lifted. Always settling, Never bettering. How’m I gonna win, If I’m not listening. Always asking for Never noticing, Every move I make, This game’s reacting in, Perfect symmetry, I’m my destiny, Must invest in me, Or I’m just gonna be, Victim of circumstance, All is left to chance, How can I enhance? I’m afraid to dance. I must break this trance, ‘Cause it’s deafening, So I’m breathing in. I’m breathing in. Breath to get control of me. I have to breath. I have to be. What’s the use of living here, If I don’t feel alive? Denied mistakes, So much I’ve done. So much to cry. I cry.