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Imagination (Floetry)

Music. There are so many things we can do. You can taste you can touch you can make moves. Just use your imagination. You are creation. There are so many things that we can do. Use your imagination. You can taste, you can touch, you can make moves. Use you imagination. Use you imagination. Close your eyes. Let your expectations fade. I’m your favorite memory. Remember me. Never again have you felt this way. Lets improvise. If you know how baby. I can be you everything. If you can’t recall, I can show you who you are. I see you. I see your empire. I see you so much higher. It’s time to grow baby. Use your imagination. Open your mind, Let your knowingness free. I’m your favorite melody. Listen to me. Inside me is the universe. Lets explore. Searching for evidence, Of a higher life force. If you can’t recall, I can show you who you are. I see who you are. I see you. So let me nurture your reality. It’s time grow baby. Use your imagination It’s all perception my love. All is how we read it. We are more than we think. Do you see? I am of the All, And the All is of me. Imagine that, Now Be. Be. Use your imagination