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My Apology (Floetry)

Karma usually comes wearing a stranger’s light it’s easier to deal with that way but now it’s you I’ve hurt you, disrespected you it’s nowhere to hide, no turning back no rearrangement, only what lies ahead, and you’re so heaven sent I know you’re feeling hurt because of what I did to you if it’s blame I’ll take it baby, we will make it thru cuz I love you (I love you) I love you (think about it baby) I’m sorry for giving you the cold shoulder (never been this wrong before, never stood my ground and breathed it in before) Lord, all I wanted to do is hold ya (never felt so brave and so afraid before, never faced alone and felt a peace before) With tears in my eyes I come to you sincerely (accepting this space I’m in, growing outta the phase where I just wanna win) You act as though you don’t even hear me (look at me, baby, look at me) Growth, I released my grief it was a heavy load survived this sleep and now I’m letting go waking up and living up to what I had proposed a woman now, I loved the girl I used to be every step she took was reaching out to me every breath is blessed, responsibility I made it baby I can’t control your feelings I can’t take back what I’ve done (with my hand on my heart) I’m coming to you sincerely if ya hear me (I know you) Baby I’m sorry... think about it we know better but um, love has no expectations that’s why I don’t expect you to do anything think about it this is for me and I’m offering this to you to free myself cuz I know what I have to do this is my apology think about it think about it, babe