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Amnesty (Liege Lord)

Within the walls of captured land freedom's rise begins Patrons of the lesser man whose lives began to dim A word or law set to them upon their weary limbs Then to look back on all their past day's grim In the fall and rise of the lesser man's demise A gathering of royals to blaze the final night Marching violent crowds the feudal integration Take the ruler's law to infernal destination The meeting of the minds the first and last of time Ends in bloody loss and sends them back chained inside But the word of freedom's day in turn, the amnesty And the prisoners in end set out to sight the sun's first rays Amnesty! less than captive on this day Amnesty! tortured loose the world will stay Amnesty! in break to lead not to betray Amnesty! set side all the chains Amnesty! in a world of black and grey Amnesty! the force will drive them to the day Amnesty! the word of words all shall obey