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Dark Tale (Liege Lord)

Rising higher it grasps the sky overturning it's sense of time Bound in iron strong hand break free denounced it's capture with raging flee Its streams of colors blinds all keen eyes Incandescent power its dark spirit flies Focus, seize it, flee it, strife Weak minds they wonder the weak must bow down Rising from down under it's advanced mind astounds Flagrance enlightens it draws you near Then sends you broken deep filled with fear The fear to realize what shall be done Taking sinners, liars, cheats, for their souls he's come Conceive, lured, realize, deceived A dark tale spoken from past told word One who disconcerns himself towards fate he's lured Devise a motion beyond what's true Or the air that will surround you is what no man ever knew An act of mental warfare to strengthen evil form Raise the deceased wicked ruler to repeat times moral wrongs Dark Tale