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Fear Itself (Liege Lord)

Into the madness, and back out of sight Like ten thousand strong, we burn on through the night An endless vision, carries us through life The fear that breaks down all the rest Dares not to doubt our might A vein of violence, bleeds pulse into our veins Always when the smoke is clear, Our union still remains We're opposition, oppressors of the norm The fear that seems to flourish Shall always be ignored Fear, it tempts our lives There's nothing to fear It's just a lie Fear, it's in yourself There's nothing to fear But fear itself Hear the losers, their tears won't dry The beggars and choosers, afraid to die To last nine lives, but while we're here We don't run or hide In this life, there comes a time When the fear around you, takes you off your stride With two cold faces of low and high Follow us, we'll help you decide You'll never know if you never try