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For the King (Liege Lord)

Take heed to the words of this man beneath his feet is where you stand Everyone and everything belongs to this man who is king With arms of steel the guards they stand protect the ruler of this land Riding high the king's banner flies hold the king's flag to the sky Greet with lances the charging foe the rebels colors we shall bestow For the king! Gather arms and make a stand a war is sown in his own land To win the battle we all must try tis not our choice to live or die Beneath the castle slaves they lie can't you hear their stifled cries The traitors heads will be taken the ruler's words are not mistaken Don't you know you'll have to pay for what you do or what you say betray the king to serve your right reconcile your dying plight The king's life branches from royal tree a royal surf insanity Take the king's life and we shall all be free and spread the wings of destiny