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Rapture (Liege Lord)

Immense and whole the power of a dream that has come true Her strength held back the hours And spread shadow on the truth Destiny's daughter, her fatal beauty speaks Now I taste the experience of her lies and self deceit (Rapture) Beginning of the end (Rapture) Be ready to defend In the flesh commanding passion, Glaring lust into my eyes I'm blinded by her spirit, not yet knowing her disguise And I know that deep inside, When my trust becomes a fact I'll pull out, she'll pull away And stab me in the back Commanding with action Like a fever driven molten spike I drill her till her skin can crawl Then she sets me up for the fall Immense and whole power of a dream that has come true Overwhelming, never ending Brings the fever out in you Away you'll wail, until you're pail With a craze of passion flow When it ends it all depends get in or you'll never know