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Speed of Sound (Liege Lord)

I've followed traces of the steps before I've passed away now, into peaceful war Nearing now I see I have longed to be Taken by the hand of the faceless one who stands Now I undergo the change of life foretold Growing on to me and now I soon shall be Soaring blindly in a race through borrowed time And beside me a race of souls who ride Growing on me the wings of flight in empty space Is it terror propelling us into the chase I'm timeless bound from the speed of sound And the move that's endless all around And with this space I share all the souls who bare Heavy weight turning loose falling to the ground As the sun falls dark we have made our mark It captures me to know I have doused the final spark It's never ending our lungs have burst with might Souls of this speed spectors soar through the night Into stardom then beyond who knows? The speed of sound is broke and onward we are bold!