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Warriors Farewell (Liege Lord)

Over grey ocean tides past shores of dreams and narrow sunsets Above snowy rock in swift flight Coming close to where the dead inhabit War is nothing to run from it's in the minds and dreams of everyone Can't you sense the smell is drawing near And all these young men are now filled with fear And they know the men who've died their senseless killings Would plunge them straight towards hell Nothing to give to the sacrificed nothing to sell but the warrior's farewell Farewell All in body picked men and so young so many lands they've come from From a country strong and powerful Their ships hit shorelines like a raging bull They've hit the same place as the troops before Bloody waters and a red stained shore Then as they look cross sandy battle ground The scattered bodies laying all around But they know the men who've died their vicious killings Would draw them straight towards hell Nothing to give but a sacrifice nothing to sell but a warrior's farewell Charge the enemy take back the land Face to face we've got to make the stand Our bloody swords and axes wielding high Their spears and arrows swarm a darkened sky We've got to take this fortress can't you see Drive these barbaric ones from you and me But all these senseless killings that we've done Bloody and vicious but they've just begun