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Wielding Iron Fists (Liege Lord)

Death's rain falls upon us I see the times' arrival at hand In rows aligned we march now drawn from these careful plans Starved in this militia we hunger now for the fight End this painful awaiting our gallant fate arrives tonight Now here it comes the force we seek it breaks the dark with laser streak We break down tremendous heat I count the ranks too far to see We grip the iron close at hand they rip our armour to useless strands We see the dead scattered in their tribes We feel their souls soar towards the sky Iron fists it's terror twists you've yet to feel it's gleam insist So join the lines to keep in time it's iron wields from armoured wrists You're drawing near you must compare the clash of fighting iron fists The coupled forces gain a step ahead But then fall back from which the ground they tread Throw down their weapons make for the flee Break from this havoc is their final plea