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Videogame (McGuinness Eugene)

Out here, peculiar wind From a desert fun fair Once they’re in out at the burnt town A new is prepared But call us murderers Come the nights in minor keep A more bloody nose and black eye It’s not sad, it’s funny It’s both my pain and my pleasure So mix the two with generous measures Dream visions small From wild fever In a videogame Chessin’ strangers So destiny’s callin’ But perception’s so poor I went into the pull of the ground Where the solar is sore And I went down to the playhouse For some absurd A club at least But from the Shakespearian lessons I came up asking with more questions Been listening on God To be so brave at all My darling Clementine Let’s fuck it up One more time It’s your black night top Your LPE The presidential pearls Get away from me Now drive the fuckin’ line If you’ve been long as I Lash out on the rairy Please so sit down Too late to spawn The life fever And I give it again Take it to you