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Revolution Renaissance (Revolution Renaissance)

When the sun's setting down, many answers I find To the questions I'm asking myself And the children still play to the dying day Without knowing what is awaiting Nobody cares, it's all the same Darkness prevails it's getting worse each passing day There's no return the change is near The great divide is coming sooner than you know The price we will pay for our greediness is not worth it Just look ahead and prepare for a new kind of way Revolution Evolution Revolution Renaissance Revolution Evolution findiding our way back to light Revolution Resolution Revolution Renaissance Revolution Resolution out of the darkest night What you say to a child that has 2 days to live When you play with your brand new computer? Are you closing your your eyes? Saying what can I do? Like the rest of the lambs on the leash? It's time to change, it's our last chance We're standing in the crossroads and it's all up to us It has begun, the countdown What we don't understand is we are all ONE Disobey, don't co-operate with evil And understand, nothing is what it seems