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Center Of Gravity (Army of Freshmen)

I was hanging from my one last thread of hope I was swinging from a lonely little rope Made from my apathy grieve on Zevon, war and peace I was waiting for my turn to crash and burn I was past the point of no return alone up on the shelf Feeling sorry for myself Probably should have never dreamed out loud Probably should of never stood out from the crowd, My head up in the clouds My center of gravity is gone I'm tired of hanging in and holding on My center of gravity is gone Now it won't be long cause I am moving on Now I'm floating way above the atmosphere Now a constellation suddenly appeared Misery where art thou Houston there's a solution now All along it was there inside my soul All obsessed with things I can't control in all that bleak despair I found it simply smiling there Probably should stayed here on the ground Probably should of stayed here in this magnet town, But then I heard the sound