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Lord of Swords (Tsjuder)

As the Shadows Rise Black Eyes watch the Horizon Grim Five Stars hold the Pentagram (up so) high The Prince of Murders Arise Behold... The Deathbells of War Chimes As the Apocalyptic Storms of Chaos Approaches Black Unholy Chapels and Abyssic Chasms Unleash your Ghouls and Daemons Upon Scorched the Earth... As the Shadows Rise Stella Mala... Behold the Black Stars Hear the Warlocks Chant in the Wind The Betrayer of Nations Arise Behold... The Thundering Drums of War As the Seraphim falls like Dust from the Heavens When Deamons rape the Nuns And Witches burns the Priests It is the Triumph of the Blasphemous Masses Armageddon is finally here