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Assailant (Iron Savior)

Right out of nowhere you came ghostlike appeared in the sky But all our welcomes were shot down in flames Superior power - invincible arms a faulty assessment, a fatal misjudgement but why you won't percieve you won't percieve Obedience you claim devotion you ask oppression is all that you give preserving the law the law of the lost defining the way that we live Assailant - lash of the world ruling a throne - of ashes and dirt We will arise like a Phoenix again and again - forever we'll be Enslave us and chain us but then you will see in the end the spirit is free We never did you no harm in peace we have lived united and free you have turned our world into debris a heep of debris It seems we're defenceless in anguish we suffer the raider that came from the stars But we won't surrender with fury we'll strike 'cause this is the war of the wars Assailant - lash of the world...