Brave New World (Iron Savior)

Just like a machine programmed and build to obey serving the system in devotion faithfully day after day Feels you do not know an unpolluted mind In a world free of distress disturbing emotions of any kind The perfect system to maintain mankind the department of thoughts it watches your mind Brave, brave new world of biogenetic design where the perfect people live perfect lives and individuals get pulverized Brave, brave new world where mankind is down on its knees to the masterplan of insanity slaves of science in agony Brave, brave new world Genetic engineering created your DNA codes and patterns lay down your life define you to obey Escape the nightmare you can't even dream Your nature is human - you ain't no machine Brave,brave new world... Break the chains and free your spirit start to be alive Be an individual and rise And rise! Brave, brave new world... Brave new world of biogenetic design in this brave new world no emotions of any kind brave new world you're down to your knees in this brave new world the masterplan of insanity Brave, brave new world