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Iron Savior (Iron Savior)

Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your sensors trace programmed to correct the errors of the human race Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky we can't hide from your cold, staring eye Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky deadly and dangerous you'll never die You gave us hope the Savior machine you were supposed to be a millions dream Circuits, chips and bits and bytes detecting the failure result of analyses the human behavior (I must get control) Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky... The Savior knows what's wrong or right he made up his artificial mind Now mankind's fate is in his hand will he ever understand Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky... Iron Iron Savior - look what you have done can't you see your assesement might be wrong Iron Iron Savior - robot of the law end this illfated devastating war