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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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This Flight Tonight (Iron Savior)

Look out the left. the captain said The lights down there that's where you'll land Saw a falling star burnin' high above the Las Vegas sand It wasn't the one that you gave to me That night down south between the trailer Not the early one that you wish upon Not the northern one that guides in the sailors You've got that touch so gentle and sweet but you've got that look so critical Can't talk to you babe you know I get so weak Sometimes I think that love is just mythical Up there's a heaven - down there's a town Blackness everywhere and little lights shine Blackness, blackness dragging me down come on light a candle in this heart of mine Starbright, starbright You've got the loving that I like Turn this crazy bird around should not have got on this flight tonight I'm drinking sweet champange got the headphones up high can't numb you- can't drum you out of my mind They're singing "Goodbye baby, baby bye bye Uhhh, love is blind!" Up go the flaps - down go the wheels hope you got your heat turned on baby hope they finaly fixed your atomobile hope it's better when we meet again babe Starbright, starbright...