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Push It Around (Holocaust)

OK babe you're in the driving seat My heart just cringes every time we meet Gotta get it out, gotta push it around Better stop quick...I'm falling to the ground! Gimme all you got, I got nothing to lose You look so "Whoa!" in those high heeled shoes You ain't no tramp, you're a classy little dame Fastest thing in town baby...what's your game? Cryin', dyin'...everybody sees me Cryin', dyin'...honey why do you tease me? You look so fine with your hair hangin' down I'd love to come over 'n' twist it around Got my sights on you and I shoot to kill... Gonna get you now, you bet your ass I will Give you my number, you van call any time Could even come over, that suits me fine No foolin' this time, honey, that is for sure Love in my blood...and there ain't no cure