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Three Ways To Die (Holocaust)

And I read in the book of James last night What my life really is A vapour on the wind that vanishes in time without a trace And now that I am old and sick I think I understand it well I had a restless night last night As though it might be my last one It is cold out his morning My breath hangs in the air I try to hide my memories inside a safe place in my head Where even death itself might not break in to steal and to erase But everything is so confused A panic withers me inside And as I fall to meet the ice I know there's nothing can be done I just want the ones I love to know I tried People with purpose and a life to live I see their rushing feet No on will stop to help this old bugger Who's collapsed in the street I am the vanquished I have had my go at life And now it's done A heavy clouds obscures the sun As if in recognition And I fight for Islam in the streets of Lebanon The holy war requires I give myself up to fate Allah knows and loves his own Standing on the top floor of a broken tower block In a good position to see Christian militia Hezbollah is my family Many would not attempt to sneak into this district But I have the Koran sewn into my fine young heart Suddenly the night below Is lit up by the blasting of gunfire And Christian bullets rip around my head And now I'm on a fire escape Running upwards But somehow the soldiers see me They are just below On a flat roof now I don't know how But I am on my back And they stand right over me They are strange and silent Around me a soft rain falls This is not what I thought martyrdom would be like It may be their Mary would have me to see heaven And I don't know how long I've lain here on this bedsitter bed The agony I call my past now Was the prime of my life My only companions in this room Are the flies that dance around my head I am resolved to take my life My last dream on earth was so nice The angels walked on the ocean They came to me alone on the shore Only Jesus can know the heart of the outcast God knows all the rivers of life that flow into the deep dark sea Of our common death