I wanna go (Bourbon Crow)

She said I had no plans I was no good and mean all the time So I said that I'm packing my bags I've got better things to do with my time So me and the Captain Jack and Jim Beam We head it out to the road She asked me where I was gonna go I said anywhere that you won't go Because I wanna go Wherever you don't go And I wanna be Anywhere that you won't be It takes a lot out of a man To tolerate a woman like you You know, I think I rather have a rectal exam Maybe a heart attack, or two So pour me a drink and I'll have to think About our current relationship And after a couple of drinks or twelve I decided to take the damn trip And now I'm too damn drunk to care I drive away in my pick up truck And get the hell out of here Yeah that's where I wanna go Why don't you give me a call When you get there And I'll make sure I'll never Never show up