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Inheritance (Esqarial)

Dead silence so thick that Every word makes enormous noise Immaculate able to penetrate My thoughts the stream of consciousness Their mystery Obscure as much as their sins I'm here to know the truth So let the trip begin My power is the result of common people's ignorance Hidden behind the ancient rules My old twisted body expresses perseverance Great knowledge heightens courage But I can't escape from my hermitage I'm just a tool in the hands of god His will but my tears sweat and blood Free of supremacy plunged into secret codes and formulas With geometrical harmony I sketch thin line between my faith and your trust Conspiracy I'm cursed for all I see My dignity Raised monuments that will last for centuries No more humility Replace me if you think you could understand my visions Stay away I create chaos with a surgical precision My mystery Obscure as much as my sins I made the most of the chance So I leave you my inheritance