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Killing For Killing Time (Esqarial)

Come for more you hungry one With drooped head you reach for more Eagerness to satisfy your primitive senses The stream of information turned into sea of madness Another turnpike in the no-man's-land We're drowning in the absurd Trying to count what's simply surd With white gloves we touch the dirt Pleasant jingling works like lure Wipe your screen dripping blood To see your turned in grimace face Cheap tricks to entertain us Fresh meat for brainless masses The closer is the precipice the more I quicken my pace Neverending Message sending Without personality No chance for self defending Canned reality Artificial tears Vanity and greed Make the wish I ask you 'where's the limit When can I forget about my pride.' Let the show begin killing for killing time Extorted taste, obedience Affected laughter lasts too long It's like a snake-charmer that makes us all dance to his song Murder in prime time who's gonna resist Temptation of being beholder Watching through fingers yet public negation The weapon is humiliation You laugh at one's faults but your screen is the mirror Curiosity drives tide of the market Creates cast to another performance Boredom gives the chance of degeneration