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The Source Of Constraint (Esqarial)

Balancing on the edge of a dream Unfamiliar faces passing me by when I'm tottering Behind the wooden door the smell of dust and mould In the shade a silhouette sitting back to me Peaceful mood causes That warmth replaces coldness Tension's in the air Interrupted by words said with care "Don't be afraid It's the beginning of your journey And I'm filled with fear I'm must hurry before it reappears" "Cut this crap off You don't have the right to talk in this way He is not ready To hear what you want to say For hundreds years I've been imprisoned in the human's shell I am the source of all conflicts I chime the constraint bell" "The Evil is his fodder Parasite gnaws my flesh and soul To New Home is calling him your voice Your consciousness will make the choice" He rose from his chair And was the old man again That I wanted to embrace 'Cause I looked in my old, wrinkled face