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Who Loves Who More (Thompson Square)

A little house A solid roof Where our world is almost trouble proof But I'm heading off To the reason I gotta leave you waving goodbye It's a good job, good pay But a long run in a rat race Working overtime In the grit and grime I just can't wait to get back To where the issue is CHORUS: Who loves who more You say you do I say I do You say that's true But baby who's keeping score Cause I win and you win When it's who loves who more The whistle blows I hit the road Stop alond the way to buy roses I can hardly wait Til' the minute I can walk it in And see you smile Back at home you're cooking up Something that you know I love Baby pour the wine And I'll hit the lights Then you and me'll get tangled in a heated little battle of CHORUS More than I do baby I'm loving the way we go back and forth And around and Around CHORUS Who loves who Who loves who (You say you do and I say I do and you say that's true but baby A little house, solid roof The worlds almost trouble proof) Who loves who Who loves who Who loves who