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The Last Angel (Pallas)

Alone in the dark, I feel like I'm drowning Hope I'll see a light to guide me to morning I'm gasping for breath, the temperature's falling Can you hear me calling? I'm searching for heaven Sent on a mission to rescue your kind I've seen so many things I've wished I was blind I'm floating through space, I'm diving through time Lived millions of lives, none of them mine Why did I fail here I'll never know Now I'm drowning in an ocean of desolate souls All searching for heaven And I see you as you murder your brothers for power And I see you turning away from the poor in your ivory towers And I see you kneeling at the altar of celebrity And I see you selling your soul for the price of your dignity Why was I sent here? God only knows Now I'm drowning in an ocean of desperate souls Searching for heaven Wandering through the ruins of what might have been Was it ever real, this dream of grace we all cling to I'm the last of my kind The battle is lost in my mind Now I want to go home But I can't find the way It has gone Il paradiso è nel tuo cuore Permettimi di sognare di domani Sei perso, sei perso, la mia voce Lasciati andare, ascoltando la mia voce Lasciatemi mostrare la via e seguite La mia voce, la mia voce