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Too Close To The Sun (Pallas)

Picture this, it started with a kiss A broken promise, an apple and a hiss Banished to the wilderness to the end of days Lost and lonely, so Satan had his way Locked in the labyrinth till the end of time Betrayed by a trecherous king Daedaelus and Icaros planned their escape All they'd need was a pair of wings With beeswax and feathers to freedom they would fly Out of the maze, and then up to the sky Don't fly too close to the sun Albert solved the universe with MC2 Oh dear what had he done Oppenheimer broke the lid on Pandora's box And in a flash we flew too close to the sun Over the sea, beyond the sky, watch our imaginations fly Don't fly too close to the sun, the wax may melt The skies grow dark above us, obscure our destiny We're trapped despite our powers, earthbound eternity The years go slowly on and on, each leap of faith becomes a fall Three steps back with each false dawn, seems we'll never make it Inspiration fills the air, the stuff of dreams is everywhere The common goal that we all share - pursuing dreams of freedom We search for the key that will let us break free We hope that we'll find ways to make it come right Just when it seems that paradise is finally within the grasp of men Our talent for insanity ensures our fate's endangered once again Don't fly so close to the sun