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Girl Figure Skater (Bergman Marit)

Girl figure skater She's an egocentric bitch Manipulating witch Every sound will cease when she Starts wining She's witty, she's smart She's a real state of the art when She takes control of her surroundings she walks into a room and everything's in bloom she's always center of attention she likes to talk and talk never leaves a questionmark she only listens on occasion And she always seem to keep it together We are so alike we are birds of a feather Oh all the things I did for her and All the things I didn't she wish that she could figure me all out but it is written we can never be that close yet we can never be divided I just wish that she would take a little bit more pride in what I have achieved 'cause this is my life and it's the life I'm gonna lead she kept me safe and warm she held me through the storm she never stopped, not for a moment she's always by my side but I think she tries to hide a tiny touch of disappointment I try to show how much I appreciate her I could never be her girl figure Skater Oh all the things she did for me And all the things she didn't I wish that I could figure her all out But it is written We can never be that close yet We can never be divided I guess that I should take a Little bit more pride in Who she is to me 'cause I won't change but neither will she