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I Take My Wings Off You (Bergman Marit)

Yes I have abandoned you Yes I left you feeling black and blue With your alcoholic deep neurotic tendencies your little fluffy clouds can I be excused oh you should let me go by now I'm ashamed I was ashamed of you Of all the crazy thing's that you would do the way you traded independence for a kiss or two you thought that you were loved for a second in the limelight you'd do anything at all so now you're falling off the ground into the great unknown yeah after all the silent years you're finally on the show so no more calling late at night no hard words on the phone now I take my wings off you I take my wings off you I'm afraid I was afraid of you But could I've stopped you from Falling through Through your happy days Unhappy days depression days I was on your side Never found the perfect things to say but at least I tried it seems like I am losing someone I have never known So many things you've never said And things you've never shown I hope you've changed I hope You've learnt and I sure hope you've grown 'cause now I take my wings off you I take my wings off you