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Nightlife (Bergman Marit)

It was the strangest night Fever in the air, the Moon unnaturally bright Kids were crazy There were madness in their eyes all these smiling faces and they lifted you up high And I don't know how It happened but then we shared a cab And all the citylights Were blurred just like my mind And I asked you "is it alright If I put my hand right here" You said "You can do just anything You like with me, It's fine since we're Already getting out of line" Said "yeah, you can Since this is already getting out of hand! It's getting out of hand Back at your room Our kisses deep and Warm We forget that there's another world out there I explain my situation Someone will wait for me back home and I guess it's wrong, I guess it's mean But frankly, I don't care Oh oh And then I gave you a piece of my soul Said "oh yeah", and "oh no I had forgotten what it's like to lose control" To lose all control The morning after A cool September Breeze My mouth is dry I'm Thinking "I'm to old for this" It's the usual procedure "Hope I see you again sometime" but we're not young and we're not dumb so we know it's a lie but today I wish we'd never said goodbye 'cause I'm cold and I'm scared and I can't stop thinking about what we almost had what we almost had