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You Did Not Love Me At All (Bergman Marit)

Hold your fire I'm not feeling well I might break in two And then you might go to hell So do you love her Wait, I don't wanna know So just don't bother Just go now, go on go I came all this way I gave you all this time Just to watch you slip away And now it's dawning to me Now I read the signs And so it's over, so it's gone Nothing left here to be done But I remember, I recall You promised me the world You promised me forever Your infinitive love But baby did you ever Did you love me at all? So here I'm standing I just can't believe my eyes I don't recognize you Complements and your disguise You make it ugly You make it look so bad The story of the two of us The ending's just to sad Irreplaceable That's what you said I was More like disposable And so I went from blank to blank From dust to dust And so it's over so it's gone Nothing left here to be done But I remember what I heard Forever was the word Forever's what you told me Guess I'll just have to learn That probably (most likely) That you never loved me at all