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Intro (2 Pistols)

Let Your Pistols Play it out To every real nigga in the game put your hand on heart make a pledge to the streets you will never ever talk Death Before Dishonor nigga (4x) Jury and the judge I put that on my life I'll never take a stand even if I'm facing life Death Before Dishonor nigga (4x) See these pussy ass niggas got the game twisted Try to justify this thing they call dry snitching Listen real niggas stay solid but these kanye west ass nigga trying speakin through the wire Fire that boy hot don't sell him nothing He want an ounce now half a bird later Them people coming With them indictment papers When I was a titty boy than call them hour laters Our money ain't good better know that When I was 7 alphabet boys snatched back Phat! It's what I got for you cheese eaters Rat niggas that be fuckin with them fed people Dat nigga got loose vowels at the mouth Solid niggas know the niggas that I'm talking bout Ya it's blood money in this mother fucker No need to ask questions cause I ain't sayin nothing Welcome to the Album haha