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Lookin Down On 'em (2 Pistols)

Yeahhh Young boss of the city nigga BMU, Deck, C-bo, J-Flame, Young Ski I got the Chevy sittin right Rims shinin bright (Bitch I'm-Bitch I'm super fly) When I pull up to that light I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy) I'm lookin down on 'em (Wet-wet paint drippin) Off the side Every time I ride I be ridin through the city, choppin like I'm Micheal Myers I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy) I'm lookin down on 'em (Eyyy eyyy) I just lit a blunt of 'dro Where da bottle? I don't know I just flow to buddy suckers and my nickname UFO I got a super-duper flow Arms shootin for the sky Steady chokin on that killa I just murdered Micheal Myers Ridin past the city lights I maneuver through the night Movin colors, I got green and I got purp (M.U. got white) BMU bitch, get it right You got nothin, but you da pain All attention for you lames I got money on my brain Flashin in lanes Sit so high bitch, they compare me to a crane Dump so wet, got off and jumpin out the paint Come ride with me dawg, you better buy a skuba tank The chrome is so strong The paint is on all shine If it creep through them clouds, them niggas gon' be blind All I need is UV rays to put them hoes in a daze Flippin different flavors, bitch can just calls me Lay's C-bo dawg, aye! I pull up to the light, you know I'm ridin old school The main four's lookin down, nigga where ya ruler? (So high) Twenty-eight inch deep-dish (Yes) Orange candy paint, baby call it Sunkist (Young boss) Who me? I'm just that nigga She wanna ride with the boss cause my rims is bigger (Oh yeah) If I don't look down, I won't even see you niggas (Where they at?) I don't even see you niggas I'm with a bad bitch fornicating With her two friends, and they participating Yeah that's just the life I live Young boss of the city baby, it is what it is Jizzy! I'm gettin money so, that's the word man I was fly with the white like Birdman (brdrdrdrdr) Aye Khaled, I'm so hood (Hood) I shoulda been on "I'm So Hood" Wiggle in the shop, I grip the Oak wood Twenty-six inches on I-O, what's good? I'm the man, understand? Death before dishonor, that's the plan I'm so fly bitch, I think I grow feathers My cliques mob out, call us the "Blues Brothers" I'm sittin real high, them haters might stare I Freddy Crougar'd the whip, to give 'em nightmares Pull up in somethin fly, oh that was light-year I spit a little game, cover your wife's ears I'm lookin down on her, call my whip papsmear Then they come out of this world, like William Shat-neer