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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Long Walks On Short Bridges (Sky Eats Airplane)

All the time I’m falling You look away from me Persevere Give it some time and surely you will ... Know what’s important You sip the cup of life then Fall in monotony Rights of Passage What’s happened before me? Your judgment is blind, but still sees me And I don’t fear where I’m going Once again Every day is all the same, I fall amongst the sorry and ashamed Yeah, I fall away, I fall away And it’s hard to wake from reveries of doubt It’s hard to wake from doubt It’s hard to wake from doubt Tell me, why can’t you sleep? There’s no consequence you can lose from Don’t give up, you You can win Just don’t lose sight of what’s within Show them what you’re made of I open the door to find you asleep This note you're reading is yours alone to keep This is… who I am Listen closely, don’t hold back or run Use your choices to guide the unwilling I’ll find what I’ve been longing for If all goes to plan I’ll outgrow this place A chance I must take Tonight! And I still haven’t a clue If I’m hopelessly entangled in you As I fall giving my all What do I want for this to be? What I want this to be