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Shoeshine For Neptune (Arsonists Get All The Girls)

Driving down the road i hear the radio and your muffled screams through the back seat i just made your shoes but they need to be cleaned for meet and greet so classic so smooth as you sedated me i slipped a little something into your drink a potion, more like a poision i tell you as you drive on brake lights shine through black they reveal the burial plot one last kiss before your final send off you take my final breaths thrust them into the ocean cement shoes i shall become one with death the air bubbles start to surface a sensation of satisfaction sweeps over my entire body content with the done deal the taste of this victory is almost to much for me don't forget i killed you with my death that i home brewed as i sink down i remember what the sea king said "you die here" the chemicals begin to mix vision begins to blur i fall to my knees i am my own victim i was meant this way either way you tapped my phones i made the set up it was meant to be Neptune's plan no fate involved