Everyday (Psychopathic Rydas)

"Yea...everyday...everyday..psychopathic yo Twin Gats where you at boy?" "I'm Psychopathic Rydin'" "yea, alright now let's let a...Cell Block...c'mon" We ridin' on suckas like everyday We blowin' bitches back out in every way We dumpin' on fools who be actin' hard Ya whole damn family'll get blown gone 'Cuz you aint worth shit ya know, to me To me and the Rydas, so bring your family tree 'Cuz everyday is somethin' new Now hollar at Bullet yo, whoo whoo! Everyday except on Tuesday 'Cuz that be the Rydas official, kill all fools day And hey it's like nobody cares, that's when I put ghetto vet's in wheelchairs And then push'em down a staircase Brrrrrrrr! just fo' the look on they face A mental case a little sick in the brain All the same, it's an everyday thang Black trucks bumpin' is "everyday" Tryin' to bank skrilla is "everyday" Runnin' wit' a hatchet is "everyday" "Psychopathic everyday" (2x) I'm not the one to be fucked wit Fuck a bitchass trick Eat a dick and die I know these other tricks that ride Help me when i'm horny Even hold my gun fo' me, she ado' me "Diss everyday bitch after bitch, city after city And I still treat'em shitty Tell it to ya face yo, no lie Everyday I live my life like the world 'bout to die Some ol' everyday shit, some shit that happen everyday Around Full Clip way, around the Ryda way, hey Escalades, Navi's, and Benzos Sippin' Hendal's, pistol whippin' hound dogs Turn the corner, scoop up the Rydas Cell Block and Foe Foe tred behind up We doin' everyday shit, the same shit again Gettin' paid,oh, and gettin' skins Everyday I slap a bitch in her lips Kick her in the ass, twist her nipples Then I grab her by the hips and f**k her in the butt Uhg uhg...what? I gives a f**k, i'd f**k her wit' a used rubber after my homeboy's done wit' it Forget it I addmit it, I wouldn't do that 'Cuz my dick wouldn't fit in a rubber, it's to fat Everyday smokin' green leaf, everyday gat chokin Everyday no jokin, f**k prayin' an hopin A born loser,the drug abuser Mad as f**k in the Land Cruiser Fuck the dues to be paid, there's crew to be spray'd If I don't pack my heat, it's a knife to your face This everyday, all day, I aint for small pay I'm high as f**k, thugged out always(give it to me) "That's right y'all, Psychopathic Rydas..Cell Block, Twin Gats, Bullet, Full Clip(ayy!)and the homebound rydas (ayy yaa)Foe Foe and Lil' Shank, and the rest of the Ryda dawgs...hoods and black trucks mother fucks...forever and a day....forever and a day...forever and a day...yea, yea..we Rydas! Rydin' on yo streets...jackin' yo beats, lickin' yo bitches feets"