Ghetto Fantasies (Psychopathic Rydas)

" seem seem like you always tryin' to get to a certain point you know what i'm sayin? Once you get there it aint what you thought it was, so even the realest mother fuckers...mother fuckers seem like they got it made, they got fantasies...there's no end to a fantasy, once you meet your fantasy you got 5 more fantasies...that's real...c'mon wit' it Foe Foe" It's all about the money, hoes and gats And hangin' wit' my Rydas smokin' bat, after bat, after bat, what? Cadillac, bitch we full fledgin Raised up in the hood like a legend, always contendin' 'Cuz the top is where i'm headed Top of the world, I got the Rydas and diamonds it's all imbeded uh I'm smokin' an ounce, another mission keepin' you hoes on your toes The Foe Foes about to blow, blaw! Give it to me, I want it all for me, i'm greedy Fulfillin' my Ghetto Fantasy, so f**k the needy I was born in the ghetto, where all my folks stay Dreams of black trucks with bumps and pushin' weight Livin' like a superstar, hookin' up wit' Mel Farr Gettin' him high, and runnin' out for new cars 'Cuz where I grew up I wasn't worth a dime Crips with no lifes, where I spend my time One up top, steady hot, and now for one time Bright and wise, Blow a 9, pullin' knives on a sucka' 'Cuz I was a broke mother fucka 'Til I got wit' the Rydas, started sportin' black trucks, uh "Ghetto Fantasies,love don't like here anymore" Rydas are for real, Rydas are for life Rydas do it wrong, until they do us right y'all (2x) I make my Ghetto Fantasies into realities Paid-ass Rydas, wit' ghetto mentalities Growin' up without shit, no skrilla From crack houses, to mansion's in the hills And a big black truck wit' the bump in the driveway Back in the day Full Clip didn't have it that way Try to Ride on my shit, ima hafta see you in your hood All my fantasies came true now, hollar at Bullet Uh, Ryda trucks, I wanna buy one of them Just 'cuz it say's "Ryda" on the side of'em I wanna fleet of trucks, to carry all my bucks And f**k mud ducks, and wearin' tux, like Chucks 'Cuz this sucks, I ate so much Raymond Pride I'm startin' to think it's my name (What up Raymond?) uh I'm gettin' by on powdered milk and a can of peas But the best thing in my life is free My fantasies Well basicaly, my Ghetto Fantasy has gotta be a way to get me and my people outta this society I'm tryin' G, but you aint helpin' me by battling me And askin' me how tought me and the Rydas be We need to, get it together, before it fall apart So gimme all your shit, my gat is aimed straight at your heart But i'm ruthless, and I gotta get's what's mines And i'm breakin' fools off in the drive-thru and now what? My Ghetto Fantasy's to roll wit' a million G's Rydas like me, ready to die like me Blazin' pounds of weed 'til my fuckin' eyes bleed Menageatrois's like mu' fuckers what we need The weed be them thugs Rydin Prepare to bust, Psychopathic Rydas Have the pigs getta buzz But if they ever kill us then our souls will remain Dwellin' in they brain 'til they blow a fuckin' vein (And that's real y'all)