Intrizzo (Psychopathic Rydas)

Once again, the earth beneath you crumbles As a convoy of black trucks rumbles into your town Back up in that ass once again Is the notorius lords of the underworld The one and only infamous psychopathic rydas My name is Bullet And I am a thug A hood in a black truck And I've never caught slippin' Because I'm always packin' a mutha fuckin'... Fo Fo, biatch [echo] Don't ever test me ho Straight up gangsta mutha fucka And if you see me on the strip You know I got a mutha fuckin'... Full Clip, aka, fizzle cleazy Once again, blasting your mutha fuckin eardrums with a lyrical slug You wanna f**k with the Hatchet Rydas I'ma stick you with my... Lil Shank Jumpin' straight outta black truck Representin the east and I don't give a f**k Man, if you get caught slippin on my side And you ain't a ryda, you gonna end up dead or in a mutha fuckin' Cell Block Anotha psychopathic ryda We always ride out, down and dirty to the E-N-D Start the record, Ryden Dirty, bitch RYDEN DIRTAY WHOOP WHOOP